Prayer means having a conversation with God. You may wonder how to go about praying, what to say. Fortunately God is not particular about the words you use, He is more interested in what is in your heart.

We understand that it may be difficult to share your most intimate feelings (most, if not all of us are in the same boat). Yet there is a blessing in sharing. Share how scared you are, and you will find many people who feel the same.

We know from experience that prayer works. Prayer can also work for you. You can pray for yourself, by yourself. Through this website, you can also ask other people to pray for you. Our prayer partners will pray for your requests in complete confidence. If you prefer, you may wish to find a phone contact to pray with you (see under Resources).

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We pray that you may find comfort, peace, love, and hope through prayer to God. Prayer works for YOU.

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Prayer Groups (Churches and other prayer interest groups) can now have their own private groups.

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always praying

For in Scripture it says:
   "See, I lay a stone in Zion,
     a chosen and precious cornerstone,
   and the one who trusts in him
     will never be put to shame."

—1 Peter 2:6 (NIV)

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